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Dear business friends , we will be pleased to see you and to help you solve your environmental problems.

– On the basis of an authorization of the Directorate of the Czech Environmental Inspection Prague from 1993, our firm performs certified measurements of emissions of pollutants – solids, SO, NO, CO, ammonia, fluorine, chlorine and their compounds, metals, organic, gases and vapours within the scope of the Acts no. 353/2002 and 86/2002.

– The Certificate of Authorization pursuant to the Act no. 86/2002 and the standard ESN EN ISO/IEC 17 025 was granted to our firm until September 30, 2006

– We carry out reference measurements (calibration) of continual analyzers.

– We carry out guarantee measurements of power engineering facilities.

– Elaboration of experts and professional opinions for the state administration and the Ministry of Environment (courts, import, realization).

– Deliveries of low – emission burners of our own patented design operating on various gaseous and liquid fuels, or powdered coal, realized in processes from 4 to 50 MW.

– Burners under 5 MW, including service, are provided in co-operation with the firm Weishaupt.

– In 1994 , we obtained consent of the manufacturer EKD Dukla to accomplish repairs and modifications of its boilers, including reconstruction to different type of fuel, with increased efficiency and observation of up-dated emission limits.

– We have developed a hot-water boiler D 25 intended for heating family houses. It operates on a catalytic-pyrolytic principle of combustion with efficiency exceeding 90%. Low internal pressure loss enables operation from flue draught of about – 8 Pa. The boiler design ensures environment-friendly and economial combustion of a broad range of fuels, from bituminous and brown coal to wood waste.

– Precise measurement of high concrentrations of solid particles in carrying medium by a patented method.

– Precise measurement of acidic dew point in carrying medium by a patented method.

– Reconstruction and regeneration of fabric filters to provide for higher efficiency and longer service life.

– We provide complex management of your emissions – in advance, we monitor for you changes in legislation, within legal terms, we carry out measuremnts of emissions and calculations of fees, we warn of necessary technological modifications – leave your environmental problems to us.